Oceans On Fire

I never thought much of the ocean.

It was always too cold for me, too windy,

The ocean was never my thing.

That is,

Until I realised just how beautiful drowning can be.


But breathing for the first time after so long.

It was like you took a scalpel in your right hand,

Made a cross at the bottom of my throat

And I started bleeding,

But I started breathing.


Have you ever felt like rebirthing?

Because tonight your eyes were oceans on fire.

I rose from the ashes like phoenix,

Bathed in your waters

And cried you rivers.


Tonight I fell and I hadn’t stopped falling since.

Tonight I started drowning again.

I can still feel the shore under the tips of my fingers

And maybe I should hold on to it,

But maybe I want to let go again.

Maybe I want to fall again.

Maybe I want to go through the same thing again

Just to die and be born again.


It is almost too easy to get lost in all of this blue of your eyes

And all of this red of my lips.

It is almost too easy to forget that we are dancing on hanging wires,

Almost too easy to waltz together,

But I wonder if you had ever learned to dance.

I wonder if you had ever learned the importance of a colour

And all the ways in which we can dye our wrists

And our ribs.


The ocean was never my thing,

Until the night I drowned in your eyes.

You should colour me blue,

Set me on fire and let go of this boat.

I have never learned how to hold on to the shore.