Suffering Through Life as a Hedonist

My mother always says that the people who try - fail. Meaning, if you are brave enough to step out of your box, if you are brave enough to live your life with lungs full of air, and smoke, and everything real, at one point or another you will probably find yourself lost, and stranded, and utterly fucked up. Meaning, you will not achieve anything without trying and you cannot keep trying without failing now and then.

She told me this when I wasted €70 by somehow booking the non-refundable hotel and transportation for the wrong date. She told me the same thing when I missed the flight to my university when my arrival was very time sensitive. And when I traveled 36 hours from Mexico to Croatia and almost got left behind 3 times. She told me this when the guy who I traveled to Mexico for left me because there were so many other fish in the sea.

I am not in the business of writing about my glamorous lifestyle, simply because it is not glamorous. I travel on budget airlines, I will spend more on a dinner and a beer than on a hostel, and I am too afraid to hitchhike (for now).

I am writing the truth the way that I see it, all the good and the bad. I will give you the most amazing plan for spending the day in Berlin for under €15, I will tell you about how I missed two trains and a bus in Berlin and still had an amazing night, and I will tell you why I do not like Berlin after all. I have no sponsors, not my parents, not my job, which is to say I am unlike most travel bloggers out there, but I am like most young travel blog readers out there.

Being 18 and on my own, with a silly wish to travel and to learn is scary. I am figuring it out as I go and I dare say that I picked up bits and pieces of life and travel wisdom on my way. This is my way of sharing it with everyone willing to read. This is my way of telling you why parking above the city in Mexico to make out and watch the lights is definitely not a good idea...